A Cute Version of Superman Imagined With Maya & ZBrush

Gabriel Soares, a Concept Artist and 3D Modeler, shared a non-photorealistic vision of what Superman would look like in the modern era.

Have a look at this handsome Superman created by Gabriel Soares, a Concept Artist and 3D Modeler, whose main idea was to depict the character's true beauty, which doesn't come from his looks, but rather from a good heart.

The aim of this project was to show a modern look at this character, emphasizing Superman's essence, which is his kindness, gentleness, and strength. The artist tries to showcase that the character's "greatest power of all comes from his upbringing by his adoptive parents Martha and Jonathan Kent."

Clark, the son of the kind-hearted Kansas farmers, was deeply influenced by their strong moral compass and compassionate nature. This was something that called out to Soares, making this project so special to the author.

And here's the reference board the author used for the artwork:

Also, here are some wholesome 2D artworks featuring Superman that Soares created alongside the 3D model using Photoshop:

Previously, Soares also worked on the creation of Superman, but the one he created earlier was different and more serious. It was an evil-looking black suit-wearing Snyder Cut version of the character, which was also done using ZBrush and Maya:

Earlier on, the artist shared some amazing models inspired by Oppenheimer and Barbie movies:

NPR takes on The Last of Us' Ellie and Joel from HBO's adaptation of the game:

And many others. You can check out some of the artist's earlier works by visiting Gabriel's ArtStation profile, Facebook, and Instagram.

And if you want to learn more about creating stylized 3D characters, we also recommend reading a recent breakdown by Gianluca Squillace, who shared some tips on how to make a non-photorealistic 3D Troll Fighter character by using ZBrush and Marmoset Toolbag and gave a piece of advice on the steps that can be skipped in order to save time and get the character done quickly.

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