A Look at Ice Shader Made for Destiny 2

Bungie's Ethan Scheu shared a behind-the-scenes look at Destiny 2: Beyond Light's ice shaders and props.

Lead Environment Artist at Bungie Ethan Scheu recently published a vast collection of behind-the-scenes shots, sharing an in-depth look at the amazing ice and snow shaders and props made for Destiny 2's expansion Beyond Light.

According to Ethan's ArtStation post, he was responsible for creating the master ice and snow shader templates that serviced all of the various ice assets. Built alongside Kevin Whitmeyer, the shaders allowed Bungie's artists to control the color, the visual depth, the surface sculpting and cracking, the amount of snow that was built up on the surface, and the amount of sub-surface translucency of the ice. Additionally, the post shows some of the ice props made by Ethan, including a robust ice cliff set, glaciers, ice rubble, and an extensive ice cave kit built in collaboration with Jeff Horal.

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