A New AI-Tool That Will Change Movie Dubbing Forever

Learn how Scott Mann's box-office flop Heist inspired him to create an AI tool designed to create lip-synced versions of movies and other content in multiple languages.

A London-based tech startup named Flawless has released a new tool that can potentially change the dubbing process of movies and other media. Using AI and neural networks, the tool can simulate lip movements in different languages.

Scott Mann, the Co-Founder of Flawless and a Director of a 2015 Heist movie came up with this idea during filming the aforementioned movie. He said that the dubbing killed the performance of Robert De Niro and thus, Mann decided to find a solution that would change the dubbing process. And found it he did. 

In collaboration with the Max Planck Institute in Germany, Scott created the tool. The process begins with recording an actor speaking the dialog in the required language. The new audio and picture would then be delivered to Flawless, which would effectively use its AI-driven system to create a lip-synced picture. Mann says it is largely an automated process of retiming mouth movement. After that, the Special Effects Artists would polish the result and deliver the final version to the client.

The possibilities opened with this new tool can be seen down below:

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  • Anonymous user

    All I have now is motion picture, sound and my brain screaming at me that this looks fake like I'm watching real men turn to rubber around the mouth when speaking, or they are starting to have a stroke. Either way it looks weird and I think would detract more from the scene more than the original issue. Personal opinion. Love the work and concept but still needs time and effort.


    Anonymous user

    ·a month ago·

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