A New Charity Initiative To Support Ukrainian Games Industry Community

A group of volunteers has launched a new initiative, #StandUpForUkraine. Its goal is to help Ukrainian game developers find a job and support game studios and game businesses in the country.

A group of four Ukrainian companies has teamed up with volunteers from InGame Job, Values Value, GDBAY, Games Gathering, and DevGAMM as well as individual industry representatives to launch a new charity initiative named #StandUpForUkraine. The initiative is set to support individual Ukrainian game developers, game studios, and game businesses in the country as well as volunteers from the games industry in Ukraine.

The companies noted that a number of game developers lost their jobs during the current crisis. So, the volunteers have launched a project aimed at helping the developers to find a job. They've collected a database of candidates and distributed it to global games companies. More than 960 people have filed an application with many of them already getting employed.

Another project that was a part of the initiative was to support developers at game studios in the country. The volunteers asked Ukrainian teams what difficulties they have faced and what kind of help they need, gathered the applications, and handed them to various game companies.

58 game businesses from Ukrain filed applications and nearly 260 global companies across Europe, South Africa, Singapore, Gibraltar, USA, India, Canada, Mexico, Turkey, Azerbaijan, Great Britain, Argentina, Korea, Israel, Colombia, and Thailand offered help.

The assistance offered by those companies included discounts and special conditions for different services, working tools for relocations, searching for investments and/or publishers, and more.

Another branch of the initiative is set to provide information support to volunteers from the games industry in Ukraine. The game developers who wish to volunteer can fill out a special form, providing details for fundraising and talking about their activities. The list of verified initiatives can be found here.

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  • Anonymous user

    Ukrainian developers in trouble? no! These are Russian developers in trouble! Because of the sanctions, it was Russian specialists abroad who were dismissed en masse and are now out of work, as if they are to blame for something. Stop messing with Ukraine, it doesn't deserve this! There is a lot of hype created out of the void around this country! It's not so bad there! It makes me sick when I hear the word "Ukraine".


    Anonymous user

    ·a day ago·

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