A New Resident Evil & MGS-Inspired Horror Game Is Now Available

Check out Endless Blue, a PS1-style indie game set in an eerie underwater research facility.

Indie Game Developer and Motion Graphics Artist Matthew DiVito, a.k.a. mr. div, has recently shipped a demo version of Endless Blue, an incredible retro-style horror game inspired by such classics as Metal Gear Solid and Resident Evil.

First unveiled back in 2021 during the Haunted PS1's Summer of Shivers Game Jam, Endless Blue was developed with the goal of recreating both the aesthetics and gameplay elements of sci-fi horror games from the 90s. The newly launched demo features the original 2021 version of the game, as well as some new levels, enemies, and puzzles, an upgraded inventory system, many QoL changes, bug fixes, and more. The demo has around 45 minutes worth of gameplay and is accessible for free.

"While this game does have checkpoints, it does not have a save game feature – your progress will be lost on exit," warns the developer. "However, choosing 'Load Game' from the main menu will take you to roughly the half-way point of the demo."

Image Credit: mr. div, Endless Blue

Image Credit: mr. div, Endless Blue

Image Credit: mr. div, Endless Blue

Image Credit: mr. div, Endless Blue

You can learn more about the development process behind Endless Blue here and play this incredible PS1-like game over here.

Speaking of PS1-like games, earlier we spoke with Jean Manzoni and Lucas Guibert from the Blue Rose Team, who told us about the production workflows behind Twin Peaks: Into the Night, a PSX-style Unity-powered fan-made game inspired by the first episode of the legendary TV show, discussing the software they used, how the gameplay mechanics and visual style were set up, and more.

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