A Realistic Winter-Themed Scene Made With RealityScan & UE5

Pontus Ryman showcased the capabilities of Epic Games' recently-released photogrammetry app.

Principal Environment Artist at Epic Games Pontus Ryman has unveiled Winter Stroll, a highly-realistic 3D environment with cozy winter vibes made as a personal project. Created using Megascans, Unreal Engine 5, and RealityScan, Epic Games' recently-released 3D scanning app that allows its users to turn smartphone photos into high-fidelity 3D models, the scene took the artist seven hours to complete, with the working process consisting of scanning the content, processing and putting it into UE5, prop placement, lighting, VFX, and grading. According to the artist, the project's goal was to see how quickly and efficiently one could create an environment with just a small contained scene and a mobile phone.

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