A Robot's Beach House Made in Blender, ZBrush & Unreal Engine

The project is created by Ben Keeling and Justin Walker.

Take a look at this charming home created by Ben Keeling and Justin Walker in Blender, ZBrush, Substance 3D Painter, and Unreal Engine. The project is called Robot Beach Trash and was meant to be a small diorama that depicted a robot's home full of life and color.

The artists shared that they wanted the project to be full of animation creating a mood that was exciting, relaxing, and fun to watch. They incorporated their love for environment art and asset creation into the scene.

They used tutorials to learn how to do elements they weren't too familiar with, like animation/rigging and effects. They also took inspiration from other concepts and 3D works.

Ben Keeling said that for the garbage material, he first created the assets, which were modeled "from high to low" with texturing in Substance 3D Painter. For the tiling material, he made a simulation by adding the assets using the particle system in Blender. Then, he added an array modifier to offset the corners. Marquee selected the assets for the side and top, added them to separate collections, and created collection instances to clone them to the other side to make them tile. The artist then baked all of the maps from the plane in Marmoset Toolbag and combined the materials together with sand in Substance 3D Designer.

The material for the scene is mostly painted on terrain with scatter piles and assets added on top.

The cubes were made from the same asset by running a small simulation in a box and squishing the assets flat to make up the side of the cube. Keeling baked it all down and added assets on the edges to hide the seams.

You can find more awesome projects on Ben Keeling's and Justin Walker's ArtStation pages.

Ben Keeling:

Justin Walker:

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