A Short Guide on Human Skull Proportions

Learn how to make anatomically-correct human skulls in 3D with this short guide by Gusztav Velicsek.

3D Artist Gusztav Velicsek, known for producing comprehensive learning materials on recreating human anatomy in 3D, has shared a new five-images-long guide that will teach you how to set up realistic and anatomically-correct human skulls.

In this guide, the artist demonstrated units and divisions of the skull for sculpting and drawing, showed the midpoint and thirds of the skull, showcased the correct length and height of the skull profile, and more. To create the images themselves, the artist utilized KeyShot, ZBrush, and Affinity Designer. You can access the full guide by clicking this link.

We also recommend checking out the rest of Gusztav's portfolio to check out more similar guides and learn more about recreating other parts of the human body in 3D.

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