Amazon Simulated Las Vegas with 1 Million People in Real Time

The tech can make realistic populated cities.

Amazon demonstrated the abilities of its new service AWS SimSpace Weaver by simulating realistic environments filled with a million pedestrians in real time.

"AWS SimSpace Weaver is a managed service that lets you create expansive simulation worlds at increased levels of complexity and scale. Multiple Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances manage the underlying compute, memory, or networking so that you can devote time to building simulations – all while paying only a fraction of the cost of on-premises solutions."

The uCrowds demo shows a million people rendered with Unreal Engine walking around Las Vegas recreated with geospatial data. The simulation revealed that the city doesn't have enough walkways to fit so many pedestrians. Even reducing the number to 50,000 still creates areas of congestion.

“Previously, if a customer wanted to scale up their spatial simulation, they had to balance the accuracy of the simulation with the capacity of their hardware, which limited the usefulness of what they could learn,” said Bill Vass, vice president of Technology at AWS. “AWS SimSpace Weaver removes the burden of managing simulation infrastructure, simplifying how customers run large-scale simulations and freeing them to focus on creating differentiated content and expanding access to simulation development.”

AWS SimSpace Weaver allows running complex, large-scale simulations, conducting experiments, and visualizing immersive training spaces. It supports more than a million moving objects like people, cars, traffic lights, roads, and more, each with their own behaviors and properties.

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