An Abandoned Shopping Mall Made in Blender, Substance 3D & Unreal Engine

The pack is available for $79.99.

Senior Environment Artist Maarten Hof has presented an incredible abandoned shopping mall environment created in Blender, Substance 3D Designer and Painter, and Unreal Engine 4.

According to the author, the scene was inspired by abandoned malls throughout the American midwest. Each asset was created for realistic visuals, style, and budget.

You can purchase the pack for $79.99 in the UE Marketplace. It's semi-modular: the walls and infrastructure are made out of modular pieces except for the floors and roof. The set contains 2 maps: Abandoned_Shopping_Mall and Abandoned_Mall_Content.

Note that it doesn't include the exterior of the shopping mall and that shops are not enterable.

The set features:

  • High-quality props with a realistic art style.
  • Modular pieces to create your own shopping mall.
  • 9 fully customizable master materials, which include a masked material for large props.
  • Most material instances offer a few options to tweak roughness values, tiling, and tint.
  • Option to paint moss, dirt, dust, and puddles.
  • Option to paint moss on almost every prop.
  • World space dust material to blend the props into the environment.
  • Channel packed Metallic/Roughness/AO.
  • Includes lightmaps for all meshes.

If you like what you see, consider visiting Maarten Hof's ArtStation page, where you can find other awesome projects.

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