Autodesk Reveales Their New PAYG Pricing System

Flex – a new pay-as-you-go system by Autodesk – aims to provide clients with more flexible payment options.

Autodesk has unveiled their new pay-as-you-go pricing system called Flex. The main goal of this new system is to enable users to pay for Autodesk's software on a day-by-day basis by pre-purchasing online tokens to match the artist's or the studio's needs. The price of one token ranges from 2.63 to 3$, depending on the quantity. The number of tokens consumed varies from application to application, roughly in proportion to its subscription price. The payment model will be introduced for a limited range of Autodesk applications, including 3ds Max, Maya, Mudbox, MotionBuilder, and Flame, on 24 September 2021.

"We are one of the first in our industry to offer a consumption model. This model complements our core subscriptions and benefits companies of all sizes. For our existing customers, Flex helps ensure they are maximizing the value of Autodesk products. It also allows existing customers to easily try products in our portfolio they haven’t used before," comments Autodesk. "Similarly, with Flex, new customers can try our products at a lower price point – no subscription needed."

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  • Testure .

    awesome, can't wait until this idea catches on and I have to unlock my computer by swiping my credit card. screw autodesk, anybody who is supporting them is part of the problem.


    Testure .

    ·3 days ago·
  • Anonymous user

    This would be handy if you needed more licences for a temporary render job or something, but not at a minimum spend of $1500 ffs


    Anonymous user

    ·2 days ago·
  • SentinelForce -

    Comments immediately disabled on the utoob vid can't say i'm surprised.


    SentinelForce -

    ·2 days ago·
  • Anonymous user

    Soooo...  The minimum quantity of tokens is worth $1500?

    Cost analysis and ROI as a user:
    -Maya LT: $365/year
    -Maya (full): $2215/year (if purchased all at once)
    -Maya (full): $3300/year (if purchased monthly)
    -Maya (full): $4680/year (if purchased by token)

    I know this is targeted at an occasional use case, but you MUST spend a minimum of $1500/year to even use the system.  The premium is literally 2x the price of a yearly license (since perpetual licenses are dead).

    Pick your poison I suppose.

    As a long time Maya user...  I've since switched to Blender.  

    -No headaches, no BS.  
    -Better integrated renderer/viewport renderer.  
    -More feature rich.  
    -More stable!!!  
    -Boots in 2 seconds.


    Anonymous user

    ·3 days ago·
  • antunes10hugo

    This clearly means more people joining blender



    ·3 days ago·
  • Anonymous user

    6000 $ for one year?


    Anonymous user

    ·3 days ago·

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