Bakery: A Production-Ready GPU Lightmapper for Unity

The tool can produce lightmaps that are compatible with all platforms.

In case you missed it, around a month ago, Developer and Add-On Creator known as Mr F unveiled Bakery, a production-ready GPU lightmapper for Unity designed with flexibility and performance in mind. Developed as an alternative to Enlighten and Progressive, Bakery is capable of baking different lighting data, including direct and indirect contributions of various light sources in any combination, separate shadow masks, direction vectors, spherical harmonics, and more.

According to the developer, the tool has been tested on Unity versions 5.6 to 2022.1.23, supports URP and HDRP pipelines, and is able to create lightmaps that are compatible with all platforms.


  • Physically correct baked lighting. All results were compared against Mitsuba offline renderer.
  • Performance: uses GPU for ray tracing.
  • Can take advantage of (but not requires) RTX hardware.
  • Uses NVIDIA AI Denoiser to remove noise, powered by deep learning.
  • Fixes common baking artifacts, such as lighting leaks and UV seams.
  • Global Illumination (supports custom shaders).
  • Sky lighting (HDRI or color).
  • Emissive textured meshes.
  • IES Lights.
  • Directional, point, and spot light sources.
  • Materials: supports albedo, emissive, opacity.
  • Can produce both complete and indirect lightmaps, or even mix both per-light.
  • Can produce shadowmasks.
  • Supports directional baking (bump/specular) with 4 modes: dominant direction (compatible with most shaders), Radiosity Normal Mapping, per-pixel spherical harmonics, as well as simply baking normal maps to diffuse.
  • Light probes.
  • Supports LODs.
  • Supports baked prefabs.
  • And much, much more!

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