Beethoven's Unfinished Symphony Composed by a Neural Network

Here's what Beethoven's Tenth Symphony could have sounded like.

Some of you may know about Beethoven's Tenth Symphony which the German composer never finished. When he died, only scraps of notes were left for future composers to finish and recreate. And some tried, ever since the German composer's death musicians all around the world have been trying to string together a version of the symphony. But now, artificial intelligence has given it a shot.

The four-minute version of the Symphony has been called BeethovANN Symphony 10.1. The program was designed by Florian Colombo, who fed it Beethoven's 16 string quartets to help it learn Beethoven's style, so it would be able to fill in the gaps of his notes. The resulting piece was then printed out and played by the Nexus orchestra at a Lausanne concert hall. According to the creator, this was not supposed to remove humans from the creative process. But instead, it could be a new tool to help people compose music in the future.

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