Blizzard Is Sued Over Hearthstone Card Packs

An Arizona resident has filed a lawsuit over Hearthstone card packs claiming that Blizzard is using misleading tactics to force minors to "pay real-world currency to gamble on winning in-game items".

An Arizona father has filed a lawsuit on behalf of his child over Hearthstone card packs which, as he claims, have "unlawful, deceptive, and misleading" tactics that force players, especially minors, to make purchases for real money, and that these purchases can't be refunded.

As reported by Polygon, an Arizona resident Nathan Harris states that, over two years, his child spent more than $300 playing the trading card game using his father's credit and debit cards without his permission. Harris's lawyer claims that the minor did not know the chances of getting good cards and whether she could return the money.

In the court file, the man and his legal team refer to California Family Code, according to which the minors have the right to "disaffirm contracts" meaning that they are able to cancel agreements and get a refund. The filing also notes that Blizzard deliberately does not report the odds of getting a powerful card as well as doesn't offer "parental control features" in the game.

In response to this lawsuit, the company issued a filing of its own, intending to move the case from the California State Superior Court to the United States District Court in California’s central district which as Blizzard claims has jurisdiction.

The company also argues that Hearthstone has brought in more than $1 billion in revenue since its release in 2014, noting that the game has a large audience, which means the company cannot verify whether minors made purchases with or without parental consent.

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