Making a Modular Abandoned Diner in UE4

Tommaso Brambilla talked in detail about his Abandoned Diner project made at CGMA: modular approach and modeling stage, texturing with Substance tools and vertex painting, setting up lighting and mood, and more.


Tommaso Brambilla

Published on

Dec 04, 2020

Hand-Painted Witch Cafe: Texturing a Stylized Scene

Finn Stevens-Lock talked about their small cozy scene Witch Cafe made during one of the courses at CGMA: idea development, different approaches to texturing, the use of a 2.5D art technique, and lighting.


Finn Stevens-Lock

Published on

Nov 25, 2020

Naga Shrine of Rejuvenation: Texturing Game Assets in Substance Painter

Alexander Nguyen did a breakdown of his stylized scene, Naga Shrine of Rejuvenation, made during the CGMA course, discussed his approach to creating a stylized look to the assets, talked about working on the vegetation and water texture as well as shared his lighting setup. 


Alexander Nguyen

Published on

Nov 20, 2020

Creating A Revendreth-Inspired Scene in Maya and Photoshop

Pat Klisiewicz did a breakdown of his scene inspired by Revendreth, made during the CGMA course, shared his modeling workflow in Maya, discussed the texturing process in Photoshop, and explained his lighting set-up in Marmoset Toolbag to recreate the game’s atmosphere.


Pat Klisiewicz

Published on

Nov 13, 2020

Combining Skin and Hard-Surface Workflow in ZBrush and Substance Tools

Masao Hieno did a breakdown of his beast he created during the CGMA course and shared the details of his approach to modeling in ZBrush and Maya and skin workflow Substance Painter and Substance Designer. 


Masao Hieno

Published on

Nov 03, 2020

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