Check Out Souldiers – a Metroidvania Action Game with RPG Elements

The game is set in a fantasy world and represents a mixture of RPG elements and puzzle platforming and features a Souls-like combat system.

Have a look at Souldiers – an upcoming Metroidvania and action-adventure game developed by indie studio Retro Forge and published by Dear Villagers, a branch of Plug In Digital. The game is set in a "sprawling" fantasy world where players take on the role of characters who fight for their freedom as well as the kingdom's glory.

Together with your fellow soldiers, you'll be moved to Terragaya, a mystical land located on the outskirts of the afterlife world, in a place between life and death. Your task will be to find the Guardian and move on to the next world. Choose your character – scout, caster, or archer – and go on an epic retro journey.

Souldiers represents a mixture of RPG elements and puzzle platforming along with a "crunchy" Souls-like combat system – you can slash, parry, and dodge the attacks of constantly arriving and evolving enemies, upgrade your skills and equipment, and choose the most effective style of play for you.

Along your journey, you'll be able to explore hand-drawn locations, find treasures, defeat powerful bosses and uncover secret paths. The beautiful Terragaya world is created in cool 16-bit graphics, made with a love for detail.

The game is slated for release on June 2, 2022. Check out Souldiers' Steam page or the studio's official website to stay tuned.

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