Combat Animations Made for a UE5 Recreation of Bloodborne

Even though the original teaser trailers were taken down by Bloodborne's developers, the team continues working on the remake.

In case you missed it, back in late February, Game Developer Maxime Foulquier, known to many as one of the developers behind Bloody Doctor, an upcoming isometric RPG set in a plague-ridden city, shared a short teaser trailer, announcing that he is working on an Unreal Engine 5-powered recreation of FromSoftware's Bloodborne and demonstrating a UE5 version of the game's Central Yharnam location.

Even though the original trailers have since been taken down by the original Bloodborne's developers, Maxime hasn't been discouraged, presenting one more incredible demo and stating that the remake is still in the works. The newly-released WiP demo showcased the remake's combat and movement animations, which closely resemble those of the original game, as well as an enemy huntsman. According to the developer, all the animations are remade from scratch using Blender.

In addition, Maxime made an announcement that Damien, a game developer who is also involved in the development of the aforementioned Bloody Doctor, has joined the team and will be responsible for programming the UE5-powered Bloodborne.

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