Combat Fury: A Downloadable Combat System for Unreal Engine

The system features parrying, dodging, enemy AI, multiple combat mechanics, and various animations.

If you were looking for a quick and easy way to set up a comprehensive combat system for your Unreal Engine-powered projects and games, here's a cool collection of Blueprints that will most certainly help you out. Check out Combat Fury, a fully-fledged combat system for Unreal Engine 4 and Unreal Engine 5, developed by the BP Systems team, that includes 47 different Blueprints, with 8 of them being component actors. The collection features parrying and dodging mechanics, enemy AI, various combat mechanics, multiple animations, leveling and skill systems, camera manipulation tools, VFX, and more.


  • Combo buffering
  • Hitbox
  • Hit reactions and block reactions (Directional) also, based on attack strength
  • Finisher/Executions, Air Jump finisher (Finishers supports characters with different skeleton)
  • Counter attack mechanic
  • Parry mechanic
  • Lock on enemies, 3 types – Free look, Free pitch only, Lock control rotation
  • Directional dodging and rolling system
  • 4 custom made dodging animations
  • Levelling system – XP and skill points
  • Skill system – Skill video preview (UI)
  • Character stats – Lives count, HP, Stamina, and Fear (Posture)
  • Melee weapon system – Support dual weapon state
  • All combat mechanics are based on the current equipped weapon. All you need is just animations for your weapons state
  • Enemy AI
  • Boss AI
  • Camera closeups for finishers, counter attacks and special attacks
  • Example animations and VFX included

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