Find Your Artistic Calling With These 5 Job Positions

In this digest, we compiled 5 job positions for Environment, UI/UX, and Concept Artists in such game studios as Applied Intuition, Flo.TexasCloud, Manticore Games, Sidearm Studios, and Xsolla.

1. Lead Artist at Xsolla

Xsolla is currently building a new team that’ll be in charge of game development, which is a new work area for the company. Therefore, they are looking for a professional Lead Artist. The new team will carry out the ongoing Pacer project together with the creation of a new arena battler game.

You will:

  • Develop the game visual style from scratch
  • Write guidelines and technical specifications for executors
  • Participate in building asset pipelines
  • Implement the artistic concept of the game
  • Ensure the quality performance of game assets
  • Participate in team creative process
  • Participate in managing asset creation
  • Participate in the process of hiring contractors for asset creation

You’re a perfect fit if you:

  • Have the Art director or Lead Artist background (3 years minimum)
  • Understand all game art design aspects, such as concept art, 2D, 3D, animation, UI, FX
  • Possess a strong artistic skillset 

2. Lead Environment Artist at Applied Intuition

Applied intuition, the leading autonomous vehicle simulation company from the United States, is looking for a Lead Environment Artist to lay the foundation of their environment art workflow to produce AAA quality 3D environment art for sensor simulation. You will be responsible for creating assets at the highest standards of visual fidelity and mentoring other artists in matters of quality, correctness, and efficiency. 


  • Lead the environment art team in the development of AAA quality environment workflows and assets
  • Provide regular mentoring, review, and feedback to the artists’ work in a clear and constructive manner
  • Encourage efficient workflows and thoughtful art creation
  • Maintain efficient collaboration between the team members and other teams at Applied
  • Setup efficient outsourcing workflows
  • Actively participate in the constant improvement of work methods and pipelines
  • Ensure that all assets meet the quality standards
  • Create a library of accurate 3D models for objects encountered during normal driving scenarios
  • Create a library of PBR materials, master materials, and textures that enable variation and re-use
  • Work closely with simulation engineers to ensure that generated models provide sufficient fidelity for simulation.
  • Ensure models are built to work with a procedural toolchain

It is great if you have:

  • Houdini experience
  • Prior experience in creating virtual worlds for AV simulation
  • Expertise in photogrammetry and similar approaches to recreate environments

3. Graphics Artist to Create Props/Textures in Studio Ghibli's Style at Flo.TexasCloud

A solo indie developer from Germany is looking for an artist who can create low poly models and textures with a Studio Ghibli art style for an upcoming puzzle game where you venture into an abandoned lab to solve puzzles via magnets.


  • An experienced artist that can create a Studio Ghibli art style
  • Studio Ghibli style environment models (around 3)
  • Studio Ghibli style props, each with 1 texture (simple objects like a box, a magnet, etc.)

What is offered:

  • Very good payment ($80/h)
  • Relaxed collaboration
  • A bonus if the game becomes a success

4. UI/UX Designer for Mobile & Web at Manticore Games

Manticore Games is the developer of Core, a platform and community that is redefining how virtual worlds and games are created, published, and played. They are looking for a talented UX Designer and UI Artist with a focus on Mobile and Web Design to assist in developing experiences for their Players and Creators. In this role, you will be working closely with the product to produce comprehensible and accessible interactive experiences that complement the Core Client Software.


  • Design wireframes, flow charts, and paper prototypes to illustrate general layout, functionality, and product flow for both web and mobile experiences
  • Provide high fidelity comps, presentations, and documentation to assist in product development
  • Generate red lines for engineers that define colors, font properties, element scaling, and spacing for accurate implementation 
  • Take ownership in the design process and maintain open communication with web engineers to push the quality of the product
  • Export optimized art assets and coordinate with engineers to integrate them into the product 
  • Gather usability feedback to make informed UX recommendations 
  • Active participation in design discussions


  • Minimum 5+ years experience in UX/UI Design with a focus on web and mobile
  • Strong communication skills
  • Proficiency working with designer tools such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator
  • A passion for games and game design
  • Experience with task tracking and asset management software such as Jira and Perforce
  • Proven ability to work collaboratively with multiple teams and disciplines
  • Capable of quick iteration on designs while still maintaining strong attention to detail
  • A proven ability to take a creative and holistic view of UX problems to help drive design decisions

5. Environment Artists to Create Original Environments in UE4

An Israeli-based company Sidearm Studios is looking for experienced Environment Artists to create original environments in UE4 remotely. The company is mainly looking for realistic/semi-realistic artists but stylized artists are also welcome.

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