FumeFX 6.0 for 3ds Max Released

Exiting beta, the new version of the plug-in introduces a new node-based procedural system, a particle mesher ISurf, and brings an extensive integration with Arnold.

Sitni Sati has announced the release of FumeFX 6.0 for 3ds Max, a new version of the renowned fluid simulation plug-in, ending its public beta period.

The main new feature introduced with the release is NodeWorks – a node-based procedural system with 140 ready-to-use nodes that turns FumeFX from a fluid simulator into a fully-fledged multiphysics plug-in and enable its user to set up particles, ropes, rigid body dynamics, cloth, soft body dynamics, and more.

Moreover, the release also introduces ISurf, a particle mesher that includes Zhu-Bridson and Anisotropic meshing models and lets you mesh particles and FumeFX voxels, and offers an extensive integration with Autodesk's Arnold renderer, supporting point rendering, procedural rendering of splines via Arnold curves, and more.

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