Halloween Offers: Materials, Courses and Maps

Travis Davids, Digital Artist & Content Creator, has shared a promo code "Halloween" that provides a 25% discount for all his packs and courses on Gumroad. Today we've gathered several most popular packs and courses of this artist. 

The first and absolutely beneficial package has all you need to start the learning process. Your mentor, Travis, provides you with all the materials that you'll need to start and in-depth tutorials with step-by-step instructions and visuals. 

You will receive:

  • 255 Tileable Displacement/Alpha Patterns (Part 1 + Part 2) (200 Tileable Displacement Patterns + 55 BONUS Patterns)
  • All Tutorials (Includes Full Course Showing You How To Create Your Own Tileable Displacement Patterns)
  • Displacement Maps - 4096 x 4096 - TIF Format - 16 Bit
  • Normal Maps - 4096 x 4096 - PNG Format - 16 Bit + Normal Maps - 4096 x 4096  - JPG Format - 8 Bit
  • Displacement Pattern Brush For Zbrush - Allows You To Sculpt Using The Displacement Patterns As Alphas

The tutor will guide you through the process of material creation using Substance Designer and ZBrush.

You may receive this extended pack here for US$18.75. 

During this 9-Hour Fully Narrated Tutorial  you will learn:

  • Pattern Drafting & Garment Creation With Daz 3D And Marvelous Designer - Creating A Cyberpunk Bomber Jacket
  • Detail Sculpting With Zbrush + Adding Accessories
  • Realistic Texturing With Substance Painter
  • Composition, Lighting & Presentation With Cinema 4D and Octane Render

This pack with tutorial also includes: 

  • Female Template Garment + Cyberpunk Bomber Jacket Zprj Project File For Marvelous Designer (Completed Garments Ready To Use With Your 3D Characters)
  • OBJ And Collada Files For Daz GEN 3 Female Character
  • Studio Light Setup For Clothing - Cinema 4D Project File (All Lighting Already Setup, Just Import Your Character And Clothing, Apply Your Materials And Start Rendering Using My Studio Light Setup)
  • Resources ( Eyelet IMM Brush (Contains 25 Eyelet OBJ Designs) - Tileable Puckering Brush For Zbrush - Tileable Seam Line Brush For Zbrush - Studs IMM Brush (Contains 20 Stud OBJ Designs) - Tileable Fabric Interwoven, Geosphere And Memory Folds Normal + Displacement Map (4K Resolution) - Tileable Zip Brush For Zbrush. 

This in-depth tutorial with all the materials included is on sale now for US$15. 

In reality, perfectly clean surfaces do not exist. Even the cleanest surfaces contain imperfections. Whether it's subtle scratches from wiping a surface or fingerprints left on a surface from dirty hands. To push more towards realism within the 3D realm, roughness maps help us to add surface imperfection onto 3D surfaces. Since these are regular roughness maps they can be used in any 3D program, says Travis Davids. 

In this tutorial, Travis will show you how to add surface imperfection to your models and make them look much more realistic. With 150 photo-captured and procedurally generated surface imperfection maps, you will get in-depth tutorials for each step of the workflow. 

  • The key topic that will be covered: 
  • How To Setup A Basic Material In Cinema 4D Or Blender
  • Photo Capturing V.S Procedurally Making Roughness Maps Digitally
  • Manually Create Tileable Roughness Maps With A Camera & Substance Alchemist
  • Procedurally Create Surface Imperfection Maps With Substance Designer
  • Combine Maps To Make Them More Complex
  • A full tutorial is included showing you how I use my roughness maps in Substance Painter

You may get the tutorial here at US$13.50. 

Please don't forget to use the promo code "Halloween" to get 25% off purchasing these 3 packages. Also, don't forget to join our new Reddit pageour new Telegram channel, follow us on Instagram and Twitter, where we are sharing breakdowns, the latest news, awesome artworks, and more.

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