How Deathloop's Kick Mechanic Came To Be

Game Director at Arkane Studios Lyon Dinga Bakaba shared a fun bit of game dev trivia related to Deathloop's kick mechanic.

Ever since the beginning of the video game industry, the ability to block and parry enemy attacks is one of the core mechanics of any game where melee weapons are present. Without it, the fights with opponents just wouldn't feel real enough. This, however, doesn't apply to Arkane Studios, who decided to re-implement one of the mechanics from Dark Messiah of Might and Magic to their recently released AAA project Deathloop – the ability to kick your enemies instead of blocking their attacks.

The Game Director Dinga Bakaba shared some trivia about the studio's decision to replace blocking with kicking. According to Bakaba, the Dishonored-like ability to block enemy attacks was present at some point during the development of the game, but it felt too boring, so they added a kick that stuns enemies, throws them if something is located behind, and doesn't feel useless against ranged enemies.

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