Images Allegedly from Silent Hill 2 Remake Pitch Were Leaked

There are also pictures from a playable concept called Sakura.

Leaked concept art by Masahiro Ito

The remake of Silent Hill 2 has been rumored for quite some time. Recently, what is claimed to be the images from the game appeared online. News reporter Andrew Marmo published the pictures, which were then claimed by well-known insider Dusk Golem as a "proof of concept no-budget demo" from an internal pitch by Bloober Team, which is reportedly working on the remake.

Marmo also posted a presentation slide supposedly from a confidential PlayStation document but said it doesn't look too convincing:

What's more, there are curious images from what is said to be a playable Silent Hill concept called Sakura portraying a character covered in notes. Dusk Golem warns that if you want to avoid spoilers, you shouldn't "look too deep at it, [the] leak includes an entire story transcript of Sakura that spoils it all."

In May, we already saw some of the pictures.

Here are the images that already got leaked:

As said before, Silent Hill 2 remake images are from the early development stages, so the final game will most likely look different from what we've just seen.

If you want to learn more about the remake and Sakura, visit ResetEra, where Dusk Golem often posts their insider information. Earlier, they said Konami is planning remasters of Metal Gear Solid 1, 2, and 3.

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