Impressive Damage Shader Created in Substance 3D Designer For a Game

Cloud Imperium's Dan McCabe showed a cool shader the team has prepared for Star Citizen.

Dan McCabe, an experienced Environment Artist and Senior Vehicle Artist at Cloud Imperium, has recently offered a behind-the-scenes look at the studio's enigmatic game and showcased an impressive shader the team has prepared for Star Citizen.

Created by Dan in collaboration with Ben Curtis, Mike Snowdon, Ali Brown, Cory Bamford, Will Price, and Fran Litrico, the shader in question creates a realistic-looking burning/melting effect, which the team plans to use on metallic surfaces. According to the ArtStation post shared by the artist, the project was set up using Adobe's material authoring software Substance 3D Designer.

"My first task when I joined the vehicle team was to work with a VFX Programmer on remaking our damage shader materials," commented the creator. "This was a super unique and cool project, I have never had so much control over the visual direction of something this widespread across a game. The added challenge was the technical constraints and trying to get every scrap of performance we could without compromising visuals. I learned a lot and hope if we ever revisit this shader, I get a chance to build on what I've done here."

Earlier, the author also shared a look at some of the props made for Star Citizen, you can check them out by visiting Dan's ArtStation page:

And if you want to learn more about Dan himself and his experience with Substance 3D Designer, we recommend checking out the creator's 80 Level article from 2020, dedicated to the production process behind the G-Shock Watch project.

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