In-Depth Course: Make Your Blender Character Run

CG Cookie has shared a new Blender course dedicated to an animation of a fast cartoony run. 

In this Blender course, you will learn how to animate a fast cartoony run with CG Cookie's classic Blender character, Melvin. During the 5 lessons of this course, the mentor will guide you through the entire process from setting up the file, animating Melvin, and then rendering out the viewport.

The course is prepared and mentored by Wayne Dixon, head animation instructor at CG Cookie, with 15+ years of experience in animation.

The main topics covered in the Blender course: 

  • How to set up your animation and decide what your key poses are
  • How to use Library Overrides to link in the character
  • How to organize your files
  • How to create the main poses, as well as the rest of the animation
  • What tools to use to mirror your animation and save you time
  • Refining the animation
  • How to tidy up any loose ends and make your character move forward

The course includes all the files you need to start animating, Melvin the Monster .blend file, and 5 video lessons. 

You will work on the main poses first, then fill out the rest of the animation. Wayne will show you a technique of copying one side to the other side of the character. In the final lesson, the mentor will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to tidy up any loose ends and make the character actually translate forward.

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