Krafton's Virtual Human ANA Got Her First Music Video

Captured using ANA’s unique AI voice, the original song was created in collaboration with H1GHR MUSIC’s Cha Cha Malone.

Earlier this year, Krafton – the studio behind PUBG – announced its "hyper-realistic" virtual human ANA and the plans to release an original music track and "expand her scope of activity as an influencer into various areas across entertainment and esports." September 15 was that day, when ANA released her first single and music video called "Shine Bright".

The song was created in collaboration with H1GHR MUSIC’s Cha Cha Malone, using ANA’s "unique AI voice." According to Krafton, ANA’s vocals in the song are completely artificial intelligence-driven.

"ANA was developed through the hyperrealism production technology of Unreal Engine and ANA proudly displays a hyper-realistic appearance, blurring the lines between a digital character and a real human. With human-like features, such as the baby hairs on her skin, ANA truly looks unlike any other virtual human that currently exists through other technologies. The face rigging technology delicately expresses the movement of the pupil, fine facial muscles and wrinkles, and enables the natural joint movement across the entire body."

Krafton took the project very seriously, uploading the track to almost every possible platform and creating social media pages for the rising star. The music video shows ANA's story, which is also available on Krafton's website

"On her way home one night, a bright, lime-colored supernova falls from the sky, crashing into an empty street alley. Curious, she runs toward the loud noise. From the moment she reaches down to pick up a piece of the supernova, she’s forever changed, absorbing the crystal’s magic energy. She’s able to interact with the world in brand new ways with the special ability to teleport through various dimensions of reality. What will she do? Where will she go next?"

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