Live Link VCAM for Unreal Engine is now Free on App Store

The app was made available for free to help enable virtual cinematography in Unreal using an iPad or iPhone.

Live Link VCAM for Unreal Engine, an app that enables virtual production-ready cinematography in real-time from your iPad or iPhone is now available for free on App Store. This app allows its users to translate traditional filmmaking concepts like camera lensing, framing, and movement into Unreal Engine’s digital realm. You can record realistic camera takes that can be further fine-tuned in Editor to create elegant final compositions when assembled in Unreal Engine’s Sequencer. The app was made free to help the creators get into virtual cinematography in Unreal using an iPad or iPhone.

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Live Link VCAM allows you to:

  • Stream out the positional and rotational data live to an Unreal Engine instance via Live Link over a network.
  • Drive the 3D camera within the real-time environment.
  • Record the camera data via Take Recorder for use in Sequencer.
  • Visualize the shot on the iPad or iPhone with the accurate depth of field.
  • Modify camera parameters such as lens focus, iris, and zoom with immediate feedback.
  • Review previously recorded takes and store bookmarks to interesting locations within the world.
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