Making a Procedurally Generated Narrative-Driven Roguelike in Unity

Check out Reza Hooshangi's interview with Unity on balancing roguelike elements with story progression.

Children of Morta is known to many as a great action RPG that has managed to combine roguelike elements, procedural generation, and story progression. For those unaware, Children of Morta is an action RPG where you play as a family of heroes, fighting through hordes of enemies in procedurally generated dungeons, caves, and lands. It was developed by Dead Mage and published by 11 Bit Studios. You can learn more about the game itself here.

Back in 2018, Dead Mage's Lead Programmer Reza Hooshangi gave an interview to Unity on balancing the roguelike elements with the story progression. The developer explained to the Unity team how they combined the huge possibilities of procedural generation associated with roguelike games with a sense of meaning and progress needed in narrative-driven games.

"Making a procedural system requires that you define many rules and constraints that define the borders of what is possible in your game," says Hooshangi in the interview. "We will look at defining a level structure, the challenges that arise when you introduce narrative elements, and the custom tool that Dead Mage built in Unity to balance the fresh feeling of random events with the narrative progression needed to support the story in their game."

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