Metal Gear Solid 3 Remake Will Feature The Original Voice Cast

David Hayter returns to play Naked Snake one more time.

Following the mind-blowing announcement of the Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater remake at PlayStation Showcase 2023, Konami has issued an official statement, providing some details regarding the upcoming release.

Described as a "faithful remake" of Hideo Kojima's original 2004 game, MGS Δ is set to feature a "rich storyline and expansive features of combat survival in harsh environments evolved with unprecedented graphics and immersive sound", allowing the new generation of players to experience the legendary game. Furthermore, the statement revealed that the remake will feature the original voice cast, meaning that Naked Snake will once again be voiced by David Hayter, Jim Piddock will play Major Zero, Colonel Volgin will be voiced by Neil Ross, and Lori Alan will reprise the role of The Boss.

"We thank you and sincerely appreciate your continuous support," commented Konami. "Currently, the development team are working together to create an environment where fans can experience and enjoy the METAL GEAR series on the latest platforms. We are remaking Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater, one of the most beloved instalments of the METAL GEAR series, revealing the origin story of Snake, as METAL GEAR SOLID Δ: SNAKE EATER. We are working hard for METAL GEAR SOLID Δ: SNAKE EATER to be a faithful recreation of the original story and game design, while evolving the gameplay with stunning visuals and a seamless user experience."

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