Modder Reveals the Horse's Role in Radahn's Meteor Attack in Elden Ring

Zullie the Witch showed the attack in detail.

Radahn's meteor attack is one of the most vivid sequences among all Elden Ring bosses. He drops on you wherever you are, but what exactly is happening behind the scenes?

Well-known Dark Souls modder Zullie the Witch unveiled the role of Radahn's bony mount Leonard in the attack.

When you look closely, you can see that the boss leaps in the sky without his horse. In fact, he pushes the poor creature underground and then ascends about 859ft (262m) before disappearing. After, Leonard is teleported under the player where it awaits its owner.

Zullie the Witch noticed that after Radahn shoots up into the air, there are a few moments before he disappears where he and Leonard get moved up another 1,000 meters. "Because Leonard stays behind at Radahn's real coordinates, this means they set it to move the whole character up instead of just the Radahn half moving upwards in the animation."

Also, depending on where the player is standing and where they're looking, Radahn can override the place he's supposed to reappear in. So if you're standing near the cliff, Radahn won't get spawned in an 'awkward' location.

Now when you know how it works, use the knowledge wisely. Also, check out other cool videos on Zullie's channel, where they reveal curious details about FromSoftware games.

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