Opera Launched a New Self-Publishing Platform GXC

GXC will provide game creators with faster feedback for early-stage games as well as with 1-click publishing from GameMaker Studio, to Opera GX’s growing gaming community.

Opera today opened up its new free self-publishing platform GXC to game creators. This move builds upon the success of the fast-growing community of Opera GX users and follows the recent licensing model change making it free to develop games using GameMaker Studio 2. Game creators can now also publish their games to Opera GX This enables creators to faster build and gain feedback from a highly engaged audience.

Opera established Opera Gaming to build synergies between the world’s first browser for gamers, Opera GX, and the GameMaker Studio 2 game development engine, as well as to work on new ventures in the gaming space. Currently launched in beta, GXC will be the first instance of this synergy, connecting indie game developers with the fast-growing Opera GX audience of more than 10 million gamers.

They also started The Community Showcase Competition which is aimed at creators of existing games made with GameMaker. These creators can now export their games directly from GameMaker Studio 2 to GXC for the chance to win one of forty-five $1,000 prizes in nine categories (Best Action, Best Arcade, Best Platformer, Best Puzzle, Best Multiplayer, Best Art Direction, Best Soundtrack, Best Level Design, and Most Engaging).

Game creators are allowed to keep tweaking their games during the competition. The jury consists of the GameMaker and Opera GX teams with Russell Kay, Head of GameMaker, and Maciej Kocemba, Head of Opera GX taking the lead. The competition opens today and will be open for submissions until October 11.

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