PlayStation Indies Head: We Believe in the Premium Release of a Title Before Subscription

Shuhei Yoshida talked about the new PlayStation Plus.

Shuhei Yoshida, Head of PlayStation Indies, while talking about the new PlayStation Plus Extra, said that Sony believes in the "premium release of a title at launch," before going into subscription services.

Previously, PS Plus had some games going live day-and-date, like in Xbox Game Pass, and it helped give these games quick access to a large audience. The new approach is meant to maintain games' lifecycles longer, it's a lot like with movies:

"The new PS Plus has tiers and essentially it’s like the old PS Plus, we still release two or three new games every month and a new tier, Extra, has a catalogue of hundreds of games for people to play. For Extra, our approach [is] we like to help the publishers [with] lifecycle management," Yoshida said. "In the same kind of way, we believe in the premium release of a title at launch and after maybe six months, or three months, or three years, when the game's sales come down, inclusion into this service, PS Plus Extra, can help introduce these games to new, broader audiences."

Yoshida then proceeds to encourage publishers to "make use of these services in managing the lifecycle of each title."

While subscription services are "kind of experimental" for the company now, the success of Stray, which was released day-and-date on PS Plus Extra, showed that the approach is beneficial for both the service and the game.

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