Procedurally Animated Mech Model Created With Unity

The model can walk "without animation", using procedural IK legs only.

Digital Artist and 3D Animator Valentin Winkelmann has recently shared a series of impressive demos on Twitter, showcasing a great setup that enables the creator to animate a 3D steampunk-style mech model "without animation".

Leveraging Unity, the creator managed to animate the model using procedural IK legs, which allowed the model to walk and move without having to rig and animate them by hand. Additionally, the creator utilized Aim Constraints that point to each other to set up the hydraulics. Attached below are some of the demos shared by Valentin over the past few days, you can check out more by visiting the creator's Twitter page:

The mech model itself, dubbed T200 Imperial Mech, was also made by Valentin a few years ago using Cinema 4D, Substance 3D Painter, and Octane Render. Here are some static renders shared by the author on ArtStation:

And here are some great tutorials that will help you get started with procedural animation in Unity:

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