Riot Games' Project L Will Be an Assist-Based Fighter

The company showed new gameplay and discussed the tag system.

Riot Games has released a new Project L developer diary, showing the gameplay basics and explaining the tag system of the upcoming League of Legends fighting game.

The team wants to create a dynamic experience, with champions who have fast abilities, look "really sick", and are even more powerful when "paired with flexible systems".

"We want to create a game where you can have fun right away, while also rewarding you for the time you spend mastering it."

The developers want the game to be exciting to play and watch, and what might help with both is the tag system. Project L is going to be an assist-based fighter, meaning there can be two champions available for each side.

You can perform three combos connected to this mechanic: Assist Actions, Handshake Tag, and Dynamic Save. The first one summons another character to aid you, while Handshake Tag lets you immediately swap between your Point (main) and Assist champions if they're both on screen. Finally, Dynamic Save allows you to break combos and save your champion.

Aside from the gameplay, Riot shared that the Illaoi, the Kraken Priestess, is about 30% ready now.

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