Skyblivion's Dev Won't Give Up On Their Remake

They'll keep working on it even if Bethesda releases a remaster.

Almost a week ago, Bethesda's internal document from 2020 surfaced online, revealing the release schedule of their games. Interestingly, the document mentioned The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion's remaster, despite no official announcements regarding a potential re-release. Speaking of the leak, along with the Bethesdas' remaster, some other plans were revealed, such as updates to Xbox Series X, and the potential exit of Microsoft from the gaming business.

Just a few days later, the lead developer of the Skyblivion project conducted an interview with IGN. During the interview, they addressed the potential impact of an official remaster on their own fan remake of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, which utilizes the Skyrim engine.

According to Rebelzize, the team behind Skyblivion has no intention of abandoning the project, which has been in development since 2012. Furthermore, the developer believes that the potential release of an official remaster is positive news for all players because it "allows more people to experience these fantastic titles for themselves which can only be a good thing as they are some of the greatest western RPGs of their time."

The developer has also pointed out that "remasters and remakes are two completely different beasts at the end of the day", and if there is Bethesdas's remaster, it will not only attract attention to their own project, Skyblivion, but also encourage the public to explore and engage with it.

"With Skyblivion for instance our goal has been to make Oblivion the way we imagine it looking should it come out today. Should a real Oblivion remaster be in the works I hope that it makes more people excited about seeing what our interpretation of that story and setting would look like."

Image credit: TES Renewal Project, Rebelzize, Skyblivion

Furthermore, the Skyblivion team holds a strong belief that Bethesda will not hinder the release of their project. Rebelzize mentions that they have maintained communication with The Elder Scrolls developers for several years, assuring that Bethesda is aware of the progress being made on Skyblivion.

"We have been in touch with Bethesda throughout the years and they know exactly what we are doing and more importantly how to get in touch with me should they have any concerns (they even got my home address). On top of that, we recently spoke with them about our project which they turned into a featured article for on their official website. All of this makes me confident that Bethesda is still the mod-loving and support developer they always have been and will continue to nurture this community, especially now that Starfield is out with nearly limited modding potential (as soon as they release the modding tools)," stated Rebelzize's representative.

Speaking of Bethesda, the developer recently celebrated a new milestone for its biggest launch since more than 10 million players have ventured into the vast universe of the game, enjoying the freedom of space adventures.

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