Sony Sent Over 150 Devs to Aid The Callisto Protocol's Production

This is the first time when Sony assigned such a huge force to help a third-party studio develop a game.

Striking Distance's The Callisto Protocol arrived last week but even before the release, some screenshots of the game’s credits were published online revealing that around 150 employees from Sony’s Visual Arts Services Group and its Malaysian team have contributed to the creation of the horror title.

While it's not unusual for Sony to task its devs to help third-party studios in developing their games, this assignment looks like the most impressive one to date.

Generally, the company often assists studios by loaning out its hardware or software or helping them with audio mixing or cinematics. In addition, we already knew that Sony contributed to The Callisto Protocol development by providing Striking Distance with its motion capture studio where all of the cinematics for the game were shot.

However, the fact that Sony is putting such a huge force as 150 employees is indeed a revelation. Although it seems not as surprising as it might look at first glance as the company holds the marketing rights to The Callisto Protocol.

While the game wasn't signed as a timed console exclusive and is available on various platforms including not only PlayStation but also PC and Xbox, most of the trailers and other ads for the game are branded as "PlayStation content" which is why, apparently, sending over 150 developers is a deliberate thought of a company that wished the game to deliver the best experience possible.

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