Stranger Things' Demogorgon Fight Breakdown Released

The Duffer Brothers revealed how the scene was brought to life.

The Duffer Brothers, who created Stranger Things, have unveiled the process behind making the Demogorgon prison fight in Season 4.

The brothers shared that the Demogorgon model was created 7 years ago in collaboration with an artist Aaron Sims. 

"We looked at a million different designs for what this monster could look like. We talked about all the monsters who had scared us over the years and we just explored. We knew he was gonna come from this other dimension."

The creature is "pure animation" with no Mocap involved. In the first animation pass, the creators and visual effects supervisors provided notes for the team, like what he needed to be doing or how he moved. Then at the rendering stage, "he really comes alive" when all the elements meld.

The brothers decided against using a lot of edits in order to make it feel more like he's "in the space." Eventually, the scene was shot in three big stunt sequences that were stitched together.

"When the Demogorgon throws that guy and the bar collapses, that's actually a mistake. That bar was not supposed to come down like that, but we just thought it was cool."

Sometimes, the scenes were shot with a man in a green suit, and sometimes it was "a clean pass." Ross Duffer thinks the secret of tricking the audience's eye and making what's on the screen feel organic is in doing as much as possible practically.

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