Substance 3D Stager 1.2 is Now Available

The update adds the project material panel, improved real-time shadow rendering, and other enhancements.

Adobe released an update for Substance 3D Stager – a staging tool for scene design and rendering.

One of the most noticeable additions is the new project material panel, which lets you see materials across your project. When you import materials or a model containing materials, you'll see them listed in the project material panel and will be able to select them and edit their properties. You can reuse materials more easily by assigning them directly from the project material panel and keep unused materials in your project to swap between them easily.

To make working with materials even easier, Adobe enabled sending them from Substance 3D Designer to Stager with one click. The materials will be part of your document, saved in your project materials panel. The company is also planning to make sending multiple assets or saving to a cross-project location possible in the future.

Another substantial change is the overhauled real-time shadow system. Now, Stager uses a hybrid approach of screen space shadows and voxel shadows instead of the drop shadows used before. According to Adobe, the new technique provides real-time shading from your environment light.

Stager 1.2's other improvements include real-time render settings presets similar to the ones for ray tracing, scene panel swipe, which allows you to click and drag in the scene panel, and some fixes.

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