Tutorial: Making a VHS Effect in Unreal Engine

Here's a great tutorial on how to create and apply a nostalgic VHS effect to your Unreal Engine projects.

Small distortion, glitches here and there, blur, slight film grain – combine all of them and you'll get an eerie yet nostalgic VHS effect that many of us still remember from the days long gone. These days, the effect is used by filmmakers and game developers to add a creepy vibe or to make a found footage game or movie. If you also want to add the same spooky and nostalgic feel to your Unreal Engine project, we've got a tutorial just for you.

A YouTuber Your Sandbox has released a great tutorial on how to create and apply the VHS effect in both Unreal Engine 4 and 5. Using UE's Material Editor, the author shows the entire node-based workflow and demonstrates how it would look like when applied. The result itself is the combination of several effects, with each one adding something new like distortion, glitches, etc.

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