Tutorial: Streaming MoCap Data Live in Houdini

Fianna Wong explained how the procedural ecosystem can be used for motion capture tasks.

SideFX and Fianna Wong shared a new tutorial on how Houdini can be used to stream motion capture data in real-time. Fianna uses an Xsens motion capture suit to record some moves, which were retargeted to various characters in Houdini. The tutorial goes over the mocap kit that was used and shows the general workflow of streaming mocap data into Houdini.

Here is the rig used in this case:

"If you were ever curious about motion capture technology and wrangling data from capture sessions and applying it onto your characters, it is probably much more attainable than perhaps what you had thought," wrote Fianna. "Today, you can even take a suit and laptop, go outdoors and capture any motions you could imagine. As a mocap-noob, this concept was simply incredible! I certainly appreciate this cool opportunity, being able to try such technology in tandem with our R&D development cycle."

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