Tutorials: Game Assets Creation

Today we've chosen 2 courses prepared and mentored by a professional Prop Artist.

Fasttrack tutorials have published 2 courses for Prop Artists, dedicated to High Poly Modeling, Low Poly Modeling, UV Unwrapping, quick boolean creation, Texture Baking, Texturing, and Rendering. 

The first tutorial "Creating a 3D Ammo Crate Game Asset" is a free 2-hours course. 

During 2 hours you'll be guided through details of the modeling and UV mapping in Maya, Sculpting in Zbrush, Texturing with Substance painter, and the final rendering in Marmoset Toolbag 4. After this quick tutorial, you'll have the basic knowledge for working with these tools and start being familiar with Prop Artist's job. 

In the second tutorial "Hero Asset Creation" you will work with Marmoset Toolbag 4, Blender, ZBrush, and Substance Painter. This 11-hours tutorial is split into 38 lessons to guide you from reference and setting up Blender, Marmoset, and Substance Painter to final work with the scene and texture's polishing. 

Here is the list of the topics highlighted in this course: 

  • 01 – Going over our Reference and Setting up Blender – Blender
  • 02-15 – Creating Our Low Poly – Blender
  • 16-18 – Creating Our High Poly – Blender
  • 19-22 – UV Unwrapping our Model – Blender
  • 23-24 – Creating our Cables – Blender
  • 25 – Preparing our Assets for Baking– Blender
  • 26-27 – Baking our Assets - Marmoset Toolbag
  • 28 – Setting up Substance Painter and Painting in Normal Details - Substance Painter
  • 29-35 – Creating our Final Material - Substance Painter
  • 36 – Setting up our Final Render Scene - Marmoset Toolbag
  • 37 – Polishing our Texture–  Substance Painter
  • 38 – Final Polish– Substance Painter + Marmoset Toolbag
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