Understanding Gamers with Jonathan Stringfield

Take a look at this research published by The Drum on gamers, who they are, and why game companies often misunderstand their audience.

Back in February, a publisher for the marketing and media industries The Drum released a compelling video on gamers. This video shares valuable new research on gamers, helping brands move beyond the stereotypes to connect authentically with their gaming customers. Jonathan Stringfield from Activision Blizzard shows the key findings the team behind the video gathered, according to which 50% of gamers don't identify themselves as such and only a fraction of gamers fit the "gamer" stereotype.

Stringfield also points out that there are 6 gamer personas, explaining why each of them plays games, what games they play, and who they usually are.

In the end, Stringfield gives a piece of advice to game developers and marketers on making their games more appealing to the audience. Taking into consideration all of the above information, we think that this study can not only help huge brands but also small indie companies that might have trouble with finding their audience.

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