Unity Digest: Textures & Materials for World-Building

In this week's Unity digest we collected 5 useful packs with textures, materials, and shaders that will help you to create your game environment.

1. Ultimate PBR Materials 300+

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The first pack of today's digest contains more than 300 different materials in 2K resolution that can be easily be dragged and dropped onto the models/objects. The pack comes with a bonus – free lifetime updates. More than 100 new materials are soon to be released.

The pack features:

  • 5 types of Maps
  • 300+ seamless textures
  • 2048*2048 size
  • 18 categories of textures

2. 100+ Hand Painted Textures

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The second pack contains more than 100 different hand-painted textures. If you are looking to create a cartoon-ish world, then this pack is exactly what you're looking for.


  • Hand-painted floor, wall, ceiling tiles textures
  • 512*512 size
  • All textures are perfectly tileable
  • Includes Textures Pack 01 through 22, Dead Leaf Texture Set 01, and Decal Texture Set 01 by BitGem

3. PBR Ground Forest textures

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This pack contains 15 high-rez textures for creating a forest environment. If you want to create a mossy meadow or a dry path this pack is exactly what you need.

The textures come with:

  • 4 Maps: Albedo, Normal, Roughness, AO
  • 4096x4096 resolution
  • Preview scenes and models

4. Advanced/Realistic Water/Ocean HDRP

If you're looking to create a body of water you should definitely check out this pack. This water shader will help you to create any lake, river, pond, or sea you desire.


  • Water shader graph.
  • A beautiful customizable demo scene.
  • Water shader Material(editable from the inspector).
  • Summer Skybox with god-rays.
  • Custom post-processing.
  • Water animation(flow, speed, wave frequency, wave speed, wave height, etc.).

5. 3D Skybox PRO – Swiss Landscapes

And the last package of today's digest contains 16x high-quality, professional 8k, HDR, stereoscopic 360° real-world skyboxes for your projects. The skyboxes are shots from Swiss landscapes and are unaltered to provide the best option for customizations.

The pack contains:

  • Skybox materials for all images (works for stereoscopic and monoscopic)
  • Post-processing profile
  • Demo scenes with correctly aligned directional light for all skyboxes
  • Stereoscopic: 7680 x 7680 (equirectangular)
  • Aperture f2.4
  • Auto Exposure Bracketing with 5 to 9 frames and appropriate EV steps

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