Wednesday Offer: 3 Fresh Fall Finds

Today we've gathered 3 assets from Unity Asset Store that aim to ease the game creation process. These packs are now 50% off. 

1. Real Landscapes - Valley Forest

This large pack with over 170 prefabs can help you to create beautiful forest landscapes in your project. It includes Rocks, Soil Cliffs, Trees, Plants, and Villages, and much more. With a custom, easy-to-use wind system and dynamic snow coverage, you will be able to create a huge number of environments and even create the same scenes showing the weather and time change. 

2. Underwater Rendering for Stylized Water

With this pack, you may make your environment brighter, also it is always satisfying to watch the underwater.


• Underwater fog based on the water's deep/shallow colors. Option to use volumes to blend settings.

• Waterline rendering for partially submerged cameras (supports split-screen).

• Scene lighting is translated into the underwater fog, including sub-surface scattering. Reacts to dynamic directional and ambient lighting (both flat & skybox lighting).

• Caustics rendering on geometry. Directional projection option.

• Underwater blurring and distortion.

• Underside of the water is correctly shaded, to seamlessly match.

3. Expanse - Volumetric Skies, Clouds, and Atmospheres in HDRP

Another satisfying pack is created by an independent developer. You can use it to create dynamic skies in your project and make it looks realistic. 

Expanse is a fully dynamic system that can be adjusted in real-time. Things like cloud coverage and fog density can easily be animated with keyframes or scripted to create different weather scenarios. All the changes you make are visible in the editor, so you can tweak your sky without ever having to enter play mode.

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