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A collaborative spatial design platform

Bezi is a collaborative spatial design platform that empowers designers and teams by revolutionizing the 3D design workflow. Create 3D apps and games faster together with advanced prototyping, generative AI, and composition tools in Bezi that are handoff-ready for development.

Design and prototype 3D apps and games for desktop, mobile, and in-headset


Build your prototype on desktop, review on-the-go on mobile, and open the immersive prototype in your VR headset or mobile AR. Bezi is designed to be cross-platform out of the box.

A powerful 3D design tool that feels familiar 


Bezi is inspired by 2D design tools, which means that even if you don't have 3D expertise, you can start creating quickly.

Built for teams – with live collaboration, review tools, and integrations


We know real work is done in teams. Invite your team to a file to collaborate together in real-time, review, and hand off to devs.

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