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Akeytsu is a 3D animation and rigging software focused on the game development market. It was built to create large volumes of 3D animation with simple tools.

Akeytsu is developed by the company Nukeygara, which was co-founded in 2014 in Lyon, France by Aurélien Charrier. He is an animator with 12 years experience in the video game industry. His aim with Akeytsu was to build a feature set that was intuitive and easy to use. The beta version was found to be a simple focused tool concentrated on animation. Akeytsu was launched on Steam engine in 2016.


  • Light rigging and skinning
  • IK/FK
  • One-click IK/FK reverse foot
  • Rapid posing
  • F-curves integrated with the viewport
  • Rigging and animation any human or animal characters
  • Onion skinning/ghosting
  • Animation layers
  • Cycle animation tools
  • FBX import/export

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Nukeygara decided to offer two months to new subscribers for free, set up weekly online webinars and discount Indie Annual subscriptions at $119. 

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