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More than 500 titles localized over 10+ years in the games industry. Gloc Team offers the skill and experience to tackle any localization challenge, both in Italy and around the world.

Up to 10,000 TEP words (Translation, Editing, Proof) per day for a rate of 0,08 EUR per word. Their internal team will provide all professional videogame translations from English to Italian, but that's not all. For the same price, they can assist you at international scale through their French, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Polish and Japanese expert partners. Without management fees.
Gloc Team speaks the same language as gamers because they are gamers as well, interacting with the community through their yearly podcasts, reporting as journalists from game shows like GDC and TGS, creating the first worldwide game localization jam under the banner of IGDA... Vibrant localizations built on a solid peer-to-peer network.

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