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HaxeFlixel is an open source 2D game library written for use with the Open Flash Library and the Haxe Toolkit, it is completely free for personal or commercial use. This game library enables multi-platform development for native targets on mobile and desktop as well as Flash and experimental Html5 support on web platforms.

Haxe and OpenFL improves the longevity and opportunities for your Flixel Games.

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HaxeFlixel is largely based on the AS3 version of Flixel written by Adam “Atomic” Saltsman. One of the major motivations for creating HaxeFlixel is overcoming the limitations of the Actionscript 3 language and the Adobe Flash and Air runtime targets. HaxeFlixel has been able to incorporate and continues to add new language features of Haxe and incorporate exciting new runtime targets through OpenFL.

The aim of this website is to provide HaxeFlixel with a friendly and connected web presence. It has been developed by Chris Decoster with great input from the community. It provides a place for experienced developers and beginners alike, to easily share their experiences in developing and learning how to make games. We have seen the website form a central location to share resources and improve HaxeFlixel itself.

Everyone is highly encouraged to contribute to HaxeFlixel itself and the resources on this website.

The workflow between HaxeFlixel and OpenFL © HaxeFlixel, 2015

Features Overview

  • Display thousands of moving objects
  • Basic collisions between objects
  • Group objects together for simplicity
  • Easily generate and emit particles
  • Create game levels using Tilemaps
  • Text display and Bitmap Fonts
  • Math & Color utilities
  • Record and play back replays
  • Powerful interactive debugger
  • Path finding and following
  • Easy object recycling

Enhancements over AS3

  • Use of a robust and powerful open source language Haxe
  • Cross platform development to Linux, Mac and Windows
  • Compile to Mobile and Desktop targets with native code
  • Impressive Native Performance using GPU acceleration
  • Advanced Physics with inbuilt Nape support
  • Improved debugger and interactive console
  • Texture batching and cache enhancements
  • Access to OpenFL native extensions
  • Flexible Asset Management System
  • Integrated Tweening system

Cross-compile your games natively to:

Supported platforms © HaxeFlixel, 2015

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