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A toolkit that allows game developers to leverage the power of Telegram and the TON blockchain

TON Play Solutions

  • Get paid with international pay-in and pay-out
  • Use Unity SDK to launch games inside Telegram
  • Sell Digital Assets
  • Launch an in-game Marketplace

TON Play Use Cases

  • For Casual Games
    Add an extra monetization stream, selling blockchain passes to paid tournaments. Players can resell passes if a tournament is sold out, increasing the hype around the event.
  • For RPGs
    If your genre already has a black market for artifacts, accounts, or skins, you can implement an in-game blockchain marketplace and earn royalties on every asset resale.
  • For iGaming
    Receive payments in TON from India, Brazil, the Philippines, and other markets. Get paid and pay out prizes instantly with low commissions.
  • For Mobile Games
    Monetize in different markets. Add external monetization through paid tournaments.

The Ton Play team also launched a Dev Support Program to help the best projects grow faster. The developers can submit their project here

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