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A Hacker Turns On WH & Aim Bot For Apex Legends Tournament Players

The party behind the hacking remains at large, leaving chaos among players.

The Apex Legends Global Series eSports tournament was abruptly postponed due to a sudden security breach during the North American finals. The organizers acknowledged that the incident had undermined the contest's "competitive integrity," without revealing additional details.

Footage shared by the competitors, including pro players like DZ_Genburten, illustrated how cheat modes were involuntarily activated during matches, causing widespread chaos. These players found themselves unexpectedly hacked with cheats such as aimbots and wall hacks while in the midst of gameplay.

Before the game developers, Respawn Entertainment, could intervene and halt the tournament, the hacking incident had already caused substantial disruption, even leading to the banning of a player for using aimbots.

Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends

The specifics of how the hacker managed to infiltrate a private game session and distribute cheats to players during a final are still uncertain. The potential extent of the issue and its consequences for other Apex Legends players outside of eSports competition are also unclear. 

Image Credit: Respawn Entertainment, Apex Legends

The Anti-Cheat Police Department, a volunteer organization combating online hacking, expressed uncertainty about whether the vulnerability was within the game, player systems, or anti-cheat protections. The group shared this information after the hacks were reported.

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